Thursday, June 19, 2008

Leave the dish towels alone!

My sweet daughter does this thing that drives my absolutely batty. Whenever she gets bored, pissy or mad that I won't/can't pick her up, she'll take the dish towels that I conveniently hang over the handle of the oven and toss them methodically onto the floor, one by one. It's so frustrating!! It's gotten to the point where I won't hang them up anyone, and resort to using paper towels. Then guilt over the wasted paper towels takes over and I'll hang a couple more towels up. It's one of the insignificant and endearing things I will remember about Reese when she grows up.

I forgot to make the kids' lunch one night after my husband and I finished our dinner. In the morning, it was a mad scramble to pull something together. I can't remember what day it was. I was thankful that I had some pre-bagged and pre-packaged things around the house to throw in their lunch boxes. This is a hard gig, but I'm proud to have it.

Wednesday, the kids went to my mom's house, so no lunch that day. On Thursday they had:

*Chicken and turkey sandwich on whole grain bread

You can see the nuts in the bread, it's so yummy!

*Mandarin oranges

*Dill and cilantro roasted potatos

I finally used some herbs from my garden and sauteed some organic potatos in some olive oil and served it up to the kids for dinner Wednesday night. Add some ketchup and they gobbled them right up. Leftovers went into their lunches.

*Baggie full of grapes and blueberries

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