Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Did he really just call me "ma'am?"

Oh lord, I'm getting old. I remember being 18 and thinking that 30 was more mid-life than prime-of-life. It was impossible to be cool at that age, and now here I am at age 30. I feel young(ish) on most days, and I look now at high school students and think they seem impossibly young.

As I was leaving the grocery store yesterday, two kids dressed in grungy clothes and stylishly dirty hair approached me with, "ma'am? do you know what time it is?" I checked out my BlackBerry (way cool) and told them. But as I started walking to my car, I realized that I'd been "ma'am'ed." What gave it away? My in-between hairstyle (can't decide to grow it out or cut it short) or the faint crow's feet around my eyes when I squint. Or was it the grocery cart full of "family food" items like two gallons of organic milk or the clear plastic produce bags sticking out of my re-usable grocery bags?

Either way, I'm still trying to figure out if ma'am suits me. I don't feel old enough yet.

For lunch yesterday, the kids got a repeat of Friday's lunch. After my grocery store trip, they got a new selection:

*One all-natural bean/cheese burrito. I can't remember the brand, but it's from Costco and didn't have any red flag ingredients in it.

These need to be nuked. Deep down inside, I don't think microwaves are the safest appliance, but I still use one. My husband would flip if I dissed the microwave. Baby steps.

*YoKids yogurt for my daughter

My daughter really likes to feed herself, so I thought I'd let her daycare teacher deal with the mess on this one. :)

*Organic carrot/ranch dip packet for my son.

Instead of cheese 'n crackers in a plastic tub, picture the same packaging only with healthy carrots and "dip-dip," as my son calls it.

*Baggie full of red grapes

Both my kids love these and gobble them up like candy.


Julie Hurley said...
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Julie Hurley said...

I have to mention that it was pointed out to me what a nice thing it was for this young man to have called me "ma'am" instead of "hey you" or something ... so kudos to him and whoever taught him good manners!