Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Finally the sun comes out!

Man, what a dreary and depressing past few days, weather-wise. I'm finally connecting cloudy days to my complete lack of motivation. This rain has been killing me, not to mention my newborn patio garden. My plants are soaked to the root; I hope they survive. I planted tomatos, cilantro, sage, dill, basil, lavender, and a few perennials. I'm planning on planting some peas tonight. The kids are fascinated with it. I can't wait to eat from our own garden! Reese currently eats from our garden (she shovels fistfulls of soil into her mouth when we're not looking), so I'm hoping to show her that real food will come out of these pots of dirt and leaves.

Today, the kids got:

*Bean/cheese burrito for Bodin

*Spinach artichoke bites for Reese

*Baggie full of grapes

*Carrots/ranch dip thingy for Bodin

*Brown rice krispies treats (Glenny's).

I tried one (ok, TWO!) of these myself and they're really good. All organic and made from brown rice. No funky hfcs or artificial preservatives.


Jennifer said...

I am so relieved that my daughter is not the only one who eats dirt! She is 13 months old, and whenever we get outside the first thing she does is finds a patch of dirt and picks some up and eats it. I find myself sprinting over to her, prying her mouth open and wiping it out. You would think she would be like... this is really gross, but it doesn't seem to bother her at all!

Julie Hurley said...

Yep, Reese is obsessed with dirt and sand. When we're on a beach, she'll pick up handfuls and rub it all over her tummy, her hair... It's quite funny!